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The complete physiotherapy rehabilitation, fitness & sports coaching experience – all under one roof!

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We are a team of qualified and experienced therapists using our skills to improve your life.

Our services include physiotherapy, exercise therapy and sports/fitness coaching which we incorporate into a multi-disciplinary approach. We can deliver our skills in a variety of settings that include our rehab suite, gym, pool and even your own home.

Our aim is to improve your function and quality of life.

Hello! I’m Barry

Lead Clinical Therapist & Coach

Barry is our Lead Clinical Therapist & Coach bringing together his Physiotherapy degree with his level 3 (High performing) triathlon coach and level 3 personal trainer qualifications.  He has over 20 years of experience in various settings (NHS and private) and his extensive experience means he provides a complete service which is honest and effective.

Hello! I’m Lyndsay

Lead Community Therapist & Coach

Lyndsay has a strong depth of knowledge and skill along with a caring nature which makes her perfect as the lead therapist for our community-based clients.  She is the Lead Coach for our novice triathletes.  She brings enthusiasm and a bubbly personality as well as empathy and understanding to both of these roles.

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"Had a brilliant morning braving the open waters today thank you so much Barry and Lyndsey for all your support and guidance - learnt loads .. felt nervous before I came but once in the water never looked back than you both very much."

Lois Kingsley – Fitness & Coaching Client

"I booked a home appointment for Barry to see me, as I've injured my knee, and live in a second-floor flat - very tricky to get out and about when my knee doesn't work properly! The appointment was great. Barry assessed me, told me what he thought was the issue, outlined a plan to treat it, went over my knee with the Ultrasound then strapped it up and after the appointment sent a program of exercises for me to follow to help strengthen the problem area. And the price was very reasonable too. I'll definitely be booking in with Barry and Lyndsay again to continue and follow up with my treatment plan."

Vawn Logan – Physio & Rehab Client

"Barry has seen me today for a recurring knee problem, caused by overuse and teaching too many hard fitness classes, with too many movements being repeated. He spent 40 minutes treating me and made me stretch more than I have in recent times. I did complain at the time When I left, I felt so much better and even managed relay races with my Bootcamp clients this evening. Thank you Barry for helping me yet again and talking sense about how I manage my job and leisure time."

Ali Barber – Physio & Rehab Client