The question regarding this is how do I do it and what makes me different from others; either private or NHS?
Some may be aware that there is a debate running between ‘hands on’ (electro, manual therapy, mobilisations, massage) and ‘hands off’ (exercise, discussion on management) with people trying to decide which is best option for treating. The truth is, neither and both; at the same time; as it depends on the person and what is being treated. In reality, its a kind of spectrum with each person sitting somewhere along it.
Most NHS styles revolve around a ‘hands off’ approach; exercise, returning to function and discussion over why their is pain and what can be done about it. This is needed and is a required component of therapy; particularly in chronic (longer-term) conditions as well as in the prevention of recurrence for acute (shorter-term). ones. Exercise is also vital in the ‘complete’ rehabilitation; closer to ‘end phase’; a point which actually differs from one person to the next depending on age, background and hobbies.
Saying this, there is an argument that a ‘hands on’ approach can also provide great results. The use of ultrasound, massage and mobilisations can often be ‘a key’ to getting at the pain and /or a ‘catalyst’ to get things moving.
I argue, the ‘hands on’ approach is a key part without which the ‘hands off’ techniques are going to be less effective.
This is the reason why at Craven Complete; we aim to provide that ‘complete’ therapy approach. Following assessment and the development of a working diagnosis; hands on therapies initiate the treatment process but also include exercise and lifestyle advice to continue the treatments effect.
Our treatment need not stop at the first signs of resolution but may also include some ongoing work which includes flexibility, strength and general fitness; all to maximise complete resolution as well as prevent recurrence. Occasionally we take over after others have stopped as some issues are still lingering around.
For further advice and guidance; feel free to contact us so we can discuss your needs.