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Craven Complete Community & Triathlon Racing Team

The aim of the Craven complete community is to bring together like-minded individuals and triathletes who can support and encourage each other, sharing the joy of victory and providing a shoulder when it does not go quite so well.

It is not just for those who compete and race at a particular level but for anyone who wants to be part of a group that also has a strong social bond.

We are in the process of setting this up and are looking for individuals why may be interested in joining.  You can be anywhere in the UK, or indeed the world; as it is an online community.  Our aim is to run both face to face (where possible) and zoom events to stay in touch and provide a service.  These can be social, general interest or coaching specific; so that everyone can benefit.  We are also looking for guest online speakers.


Benefits of The Craven Complete Community


  • Newsletter with details of what’s going on, online tips and guidance, who is in your area (to liaise with and arrange training sessions) and forthcoming events.
  • Access to planned and arranged training sessions such as swims, cycles and runs as well as workshops and training camps – discounted rates will apply for these.
  • Custom community kit, clothing and merchandise – social and racing gear at a reasonable price.
  • Discount at suppliers and shops (being arranged)
  • Opportunity to get a BTF licence that will allow you to push for age-group racing (New for 2020).
  • Forum for discussion of common topics.

To join our community, purchase one of our membership plans


  We are hiring !!    Our business is growing and we are looking for the right people to join our team on a self employed basis  For more information - read below     

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