Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Thank you for considering Craven Complete as your therapy provider.  We aim to provide a ‘complete’ service to meet all your physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs.

What happens when you book an appointment with us?

You will see a member of our team

When booking an appointment, we will triage your call to make sure that we can assign you the therapist who can best serve your needs. Your initial appointment will normally take place within 72 hours and we will take all the time necessary to fully asses you and give you the best possible level of service and reassurance. You will receive your working diagnosis and we will have a discussion with you about your condition and how we can best support you moving forward.


After your initial assessment, we will provide you with the following information & options

Background information about your condition

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We feel educating you about your condition/injury gives you better understanding and control of it.

Treatment time-frame

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We will give honest advice on the duration and/or appointment regularity for your specific condition or injury.

Treatment options

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We have many treatment options that we can offer, both hands-on and hands-off. 

Whether referral to GP or specialist is necessary

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If you need a referral to a GP or specialist, your therapist will provide the paperwork.

Location of treatment options

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We don’t just use our clinic room with a plinth but also offer other locations depending on your needs.

Advice about managing your condition

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We look at you as a whole person, so we provide advice on other factors that may benefit you; such as sleep, hygiene, medication and lifestyle.

Specific exercises tailored to your condition

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We never give you a generic sheet of paper; we design specific exercises to fit you and your needs. These can be delivered in a variety of formats, which will also be fully discussed and explained.

Covid-19 Update

We are still open and ready to help you as best we can, whilst adhering to the latest advice and guidelines.

Following up-to-date guidance from our governing bodies, we are providing our normal services. 

 We ask clients to wear face mask and not come to appointment if you are or recently had covid or covid symptoms 


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Home Visits - Rehab Appointment

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For more information or for advice please call Barry on 07857675422

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Physiotherapy Background Information

Locally, we are proud to support both Llandudno’s rugby and football clubs giving them priority back room support.  Other clubs and organisations we support include North Wales Road Runners, Llandudno Swimming Club and GOG Triathlon as well as local badminton and hockey clubs.  We are also the dedicated Physio clinic for Venue Cymru and have had the honour of keeping shows on the road.  Barry had the privilege of helping Shaun Murphy in 2019.

If your club or organisation would be interested in support click the button below to reach out to us.

Barry uses knowledge from his own sporting life to get people back to their chosen activity as soon as possible. We strongly believe in active recovery, but also don’t believe in quick fixes and we will spend time to find the underlying cause of the injury or issue as well as using skills from being a level 3 personal trainer in the treatment process.

We also treat anyone who needs help because injuries can happen to anyone. The aim is to keep everyone active and needing to see us as little as possible.

Conditions We Can Treat


Simply anything soft tissue or joint based which can be both sports and non-sports; as well as traumatic and overuse. Whilst joints are obvious, soft tissues include muscle, tendon, ligament and peripheral nerves. Areas and conditions included in this group are:

Head and Neck

Common neck issues range from posture-based problems to trapped nerves. Rarely is it sinister with an early assessment being able to manage pain and provide some treatment to get you heading in the right direction.

Common conditions include Neurological headaches and trapped or impinged nerves.


Biomechanics, muscular and nervous system control make the shoulder very complex, all of which are required for optimal control. Physiotherapy can be of great benefit by correctly assessing the issue to formulate a working diagnosis and generating an optimal treatment plan.

Common conditions include Frozen shoulder.


Back problems affect virtually everyone at some stage in their life. These are usually from a simple pull or strain, but can at times be more sinister. Long-term (chronic) back pain is also something that affects a large proportion of the population limiting work and activity.

Physiotherapy can assess a potential cause (postural/biomechanical), identify if there is something potentially more sinister (disc issue) and provide a management plan to improve it.

Common things we see are acute, chronic and recurrent lower back pain, disc prolapses and weak core issues.

Hips, Knees, Ankles and Feet

Hips, Knees, Ankles and Feet Generally classed as a lower limb or lower chain issues; these joints, along with the back, work together to optimise function and activity. An issue with one (weakness/injury) can place additional stress on another; not just left to right but also up and down the chain. Assessment should identify the weak ‘link’ and not just treat the pain; it should also fully rehabilitate the individual.

Common conditions include Mild degenerative change (different from late-stage osteoarthritis), cartilage injuries and sprained ankles.

Recurrent and Long-Term 'Chronic' Conditions

Recurrent and Longer-Term ‘Chronic’ Conditions Certain injuries and conditions may provide recurrent intermittent issues or may be related to a chronic longer-term condition that needs a management plan. We can offer an assessment with an honest opinion as to what our team can offer.

Common things include Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis.

Peripheral neurological Issues

Peripheral Neurological Issues Peripheral neurological issues are often grouped with NMSK as they can be treated as a soft tissue problem. Physiotherapy can aim to identify a cause and manage it.

Other Health Conditions and Ways We Can Help

Cardio-Respiratory Problems Short and Long-Term

Our heart and lungs are essential for life helping us take air in, acquire oxygen then passing it around the body before expelling waste products including Carbon dioxide. When these systems are affected, either from a sudden chest infection or has a condition such as asthma or chronic obstructive airways disease, our energy levels will drop causing fatigue and lethargy.

Whilst most people recover quite quickly, a few appear to have symptoms which are either prolonged or the exacerbation does not settle. Management of these can sometimes be an issue as well whereby episodes are more recurrent.

Physiotherapy can benefit in both of these scenarios, whether through breathing exercise, chest physio or management strategies.

Occupational Health Issues

The workplace generates stresses on our bodies that could physical (lifting and carrying), postural (seated or standing) or emotional (fatigue). Managing these can not just ease the pain but improve productivity and reduce sick days.

We offer work-based and workplace assessments, reports for employers and employees.

General Health

In addition to all of the muscle and joint, nerve, breathing and workplace issues physios in general and our team can deal with other problems they affect our daily health and well-being. Advice on activity, basic nutrition, stress management and relaxation and day-to-day habits can all improve our daily patterns.

We can advise on relaxation techniques, general aches and pains, poor sleeping habits and basic nutritional advice for health and energy.

Neurological Long-Term and Degenerative Conditions

Neurological incidence such as stroke (Cerebro-vascular-attack) and conditions such a cerebral palsy and Parkinsons can have life-changing effects that will influence posture, mobility, function and lead to musculoskeletal aches and pains as a secondary matter. This need not always be the case. Whilst a full cure is unlikely in most cases, appropriate management in the form of identifying problems, treating issues that can be treated and working on function can all make a huge difference to a person’s quality of life.

We don’t just offer short-term, quick-fix solutions but we can provide support for as long as it is needed even on a maintenance basis (not provided by the NHS).

Covid-19 Recovery Support

We will be helping people recover this virus, at present we are following the CSP rehab guidelines, this section will be updated soon.

Treatment Options

At Craven Complete, we have a vast array of treatment ‘tool’. We use the analogy that to do a job you need several tools, and it’s the choice of the right selection and combination of tools that’s gives you the best effect at the best time.

These are the general musculoskeletal treatment options that we have, however, we have other tools for other types of conditions we treat.

Whilst we always aim to provide an effective assessment and treatment plan; there are times when a further or specific referral is required to another therapist or specialist. We all have limitations and at Craven Complete, we respect hours. Where this is required, we will look to assist you and provide a referral letter.

In addition to all of this, we can also recommend add-ons to help aid you on your path to recovery. These add-ons can include anything from advice all the way through to physical therapy and coaching. We will do everything we can to get you back to full health.

Pain Management

Pain management options (including pharmacology) and advice on optimal pain management using various pain-relieving medications from off-the-shelf to CBD oil. Whilst, not a cure, they are not always best avoided. Letters to GP’s to recommend a prescription can be written if needed.


Electrotherapy – Various forms including Ultrasound, ‘thumper’, TENS and electrical muscle stimulation can aid with pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Thermal Therapy

Cold and warmth can have beneficial effects on pain and spasm. However, there are several conflicting theories on which is best and how to apply.

Massage and Soft-Tissue Mobilisation

The application of directed force through soft tissues with specific movements can be used to great benefit in the presence of lesions and knots, tight or restricting muscles and for the improvement of range.

Joint Mobilisation

A step higher than soft tissue techniques, these are forces applied to a particular joint or joint system to mobilise (move) it.

Joint Taping

Rock, balance and physio are all forms of taping that have similar effects on reducing load/tension around a structure, offering support and reducing pain.

Exercise Therapy

This is often given as a sole form of therapy only to provide a minimal effect. It is vital taking the form of free movements, resisted with bands or weights, cardiovascular or muscle, however, may require some of the above treatments to make if fully effective. We offer support and even a printout/send videos to your email/phone from our ‘physiotools’ system.


Active cycle of breathing, chest percussions and rehabilitation programmes.


Approaches such as ‘Bobath’ and ‘Carr and Johnson’, which help to retrain and improve your function.

Photo/ Video Analysis

Looking at posture, movement and activity.

Posture and Balance

Epley’s Manoeuvre, Cawthorne series of exercises.

Percussion Therapy

A percussion massage is a type of massage that delivers a series of rapid blows. These blows penetrate deep into the soft tissue to promote pain relief, relaxation and tissue repair. A percussion massage can also improve blood flow and range of motion of the muscle.

Treatment Locations

Clinic Suite

Situated in the heart of Wells Fitness centre, which is one of the largest gyms in Llandudno; our Physiotherapy and rehabilitation suite is fully equipped with the best equipment.  We are constantly reviewing this and if we see anything else that may benefit our therapies, we will strongly consider getting it. 


Wells Fitness centre is an excellent gym with a variety of weightlifting machine and free weights, CV equipment (treadmill, ergo skill machine, rowers) and other pieces to develop fitness (Rugby sled and battle ropes included).  We have full access to all of this so its perfect for end-stage rehabilitation to help people return back to their activities.


Situated in a hotel in Llandudno, our we have access to a single-depth aquatherapy pool which has step access.  This helps us provide early and advanced stage rehabilitation for many conditions and injuries.  The benefit of using the water is it provides a gravity free therapy and also with the resistance effect helps to increase the muscle working, plus the water help with warmth and improves circulation. 

Your Home

You may not be able to come to us, so, we will do our best to come to you.  We can bring most treatment options to your home where we can assess and treat.

We can provide virtual appointments using the secure video link from Power diary, our practice management system. This also means we can provide you with injury advice, support, and exercises when we cannot get to see you.

Community Rehabilitation

Background Information

Craven Complete has been providing local community rehabilitation since 2017, setting up the service as we believe everyone has the right of access to it.  It is delivered to the person as a whole, aiming to increase and maintain function and enable the client to lead the best life they can.

Our approach is based around a functional rehabilitation model; considering hopes, dreams and goals.  This is achieved through not just providing therapy, but also the required skills and education into finding the best pathway for optimal ‘living’.  Saying this, sessions and content are designed to be engaging and fun.  For example, for cognitive functional issues, we feel we are one of the best at teaching patterns and habits; as well as fitting appointments in so that they become routine for staff and client alike.  This is particularly important for clients with dementia.

A key component of Craven Complete’s model is time; referring to the fact that our approach is unrushed.  We take the opportunity to provide what’s required at a pace that suits the client themselves. 

We also believe in optimal communication using the best methods for that scenario.  This is not just to the client, but; with consent, also to carers, relatives and other health care providers.  We will, if need be, arrange and attend multi-disciplinary meetings to provide this. Another example of this is that for dementia clients, we will involve everyone as much as we can so that they all understand what and why we are doing something.

Whilst we have provided the example of dementia, we have experience with several other conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, Cerebral palsy and stroke.  We also offer advice, guidance and therapy pre- and post-operatively for most orthopaedic conditions so that pre-hab prepares the client and rehab improves recovery time and function.

For a number of our clients we have been strongly involved in organising and arranging discharge from hospital with relevant agencies and groups; after which we continue to follow up and provide care.