Mentor 1:1 Coaching Programme


Mentor 1:1 Coaching Programme – first month’s payment

Initial Assessment In-person or Skype

Bespoke Program with a training peaks account written in 2/52 – 4/52 advance blocks – written monthly

2 Athlete supports (Problem solver episodes)
via- email. (per billing block)

Athlete Catch up: Face to Face or Skype monthly

Priority Booking for Skill Academy Sessions with 25% Off

Priority Booking for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Session.
The clinic, Hydro, Gym

5% Discount on Training Camps UK or Aboard on the total price

Craven Complete Community, Team social, FB Group / Online Forum, Workshops, session library, Supplier discounts, included whilst on the plan.


You are buying the first month, we will arrange regular payments with you for the remainder of the plan.


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