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How do the pro’s and age groupers make it look so easy? Well, good form comes with good technique; which itself is a skill which then further improves efficiency and performance.

At Craven Complete’s we are biased to towards Triathlon and its individual disciplines. We teach and coach the drills and skills that enable you to look and perform better, last for longer and be safe with what you do. Whether you’re new to the sport or want to break into the age-group rankings; these sessions will help you develop what you need to succeed.


Swimming Academy – Pool & Open Water

Swimming is both the most technical and feared discipline in triathlon, however, there are no ‘dark-arts’ related to mastering and becoming more proficient at it.  Indeed, most people improve dramatically when they are correctly coached and their technique tweaked to improve confidence and performance.

At Craven complete, we offer pool and open-water based sessions; concentrating on technique to increase confidence to allow improved efficiency which is the starting point for progression.


  • Indoor – Colwyn Bay Leisure centre, Colwyn Bay
  • Open water  – Llyn Padarn (Llanberis) or Alderford lake (Whitchurch)

Indoor Pool Courses:

We run a variety of courses to help improve the technique and skills needed to gain efficiency and increased confidence and/or speed.
Our friendly coaches are also swimming teachers, and instruct in groups of 1 (coach) to 4 (swimmers) per lane so you get a personalised and friendly experience in a safe environmental.

Open Water Courses:

Each  course includes a mixture of theory and practical aimed at either a novice (complete newbies) or improver (wanting to improve and move up the pack) levels.

You will come away with knowledge of safe open water swimming as well as practical skills that increase confidence and performance.  Small groups with no more than 10 per group allow a personalised approach where we can still give some 1-2-1 advice.

What’s more, we also provide a hot drink and something to eat.


We also provide 1-2-1 session.

Please feel free to contact us.

Course details are on our event page or contact us to register interest.

Cycling Academy

Cycling is more than just jumping on your bike and riding into the sunrise. Grinding those pedals and fighting the bike makes cycling hard work whereas smooth bike control with an efficient action makes it far easier and more efficient.

There is an element of skill and technique required to cycle efficiently and at speed. This starts with your position and extends to you being smooth and spinning your legs; with improvements offering improved safety, stability and efficiency as well as pure speed.

Craven Complete is one of the first to offer adult and youth cycle skill sessions at both a novice and improver level. Quality coaching to small groups (currently 8-10) offer a friendly and approachable way of coaching a client lead (we coach what you need to know) session that is also fun. Sessions are on average 60-90 minutes long.

Novice sessions concentrate on: Use of gears and general riding skills (signalling
Cornering, road positioning (junctions & roundabouts) and pace control) with an element of increased pace and group riding skills to boost confidence.

Intermediate/Improver sessions concentrate on: Pace control, Increasing efforts and moderate speed work and can offer Time Trial and Triathlon race practice

Getting into Clipless Pedals sessions aim towards moving from flat pedals into clipless (which can be scary, but very worthwhile). Clipless pedals increase efficiency and improve speed over longer rides
This course will teach you the skills needed to take this step as well as give you plenty of practice to move forward


Unleash your inner Tigger so you can release your inner ‘Mo) and start bounding your way towards the finish line. Running is more than just putting one foot in front of the other as fast as you can. It has its own set of skills and technique to produce an efficient action. Running with a tall and upright posture, controlling stride and cadence as well as appropriate pacing will go along way to making running a pleasure and achieving personal best times.

Our workshops and courses go through to analyse your current style, and then, if necessary; give you the drills and skills to progress and develop. You will soon be seeing those times drop!

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning are not just for power athletes and really should part of the programme of all athletes even in endurance sports like a triathlon. A good plan will help reduce injury risk as well as increase efficiency, offset fatigue and improve performance. It is also more than just pushing and pulling weights around with it having its own set of techniques and structure.

Other Adjuncts

While these are the main physical components of any training plan, there are several other areas that strongly contribute to its effect and performance. These include nutrition, planning and structuring a regime, flexibility and psychology; amongst others. They won’t necessarily win you a race but they may potentially lose it for you.

Group workshops in these areas allow theoretical and practical instruction offering advice and guidance on how to improve your well-being, general training and performance.


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