Sports (Triathlon) Coaching and Personal Training service overview  


“Chase your dreams” 

We can help you with our skills and services!



At Craven Complete, we believe in helping people chase their dreams.  We do this by giving individuals the opportunity of turning that ‘Can I’ question into an ‘I can’ belief.


People do not achieve their dreams for a number of reasons including belief, lifestyle (and time) or know-how; or indeed a combination of these together.


One of Ironmans phrases in ‘Anything is possible’; and we encourage this.  If you have the dream we can help you with the structure and know-how to guide you down the correct path.  We can’t provide you with the discipline, but we can support you as well as share your joy upon completion.


If your challenge is sports based; Our speciality is triathlon and its individual disciplines.  We adopt a technique-endurance-performance model in our coaching methods.  For other activities and health-based issues, our personal training model can also help.


In both cases, we provide honest advice whilst looking at you as an individual.  We consider your current lifestyle and your specific goals to help you on your journey. Our team covers all areas when developing this plan so that it is realistic and achievable.


Weather it is a 1:2:1 or group session we have you covered (more info below). We also pride ourselves on covering nutrition & weight management, mindfulness, transition, race day prep and recovery, to name a few.

Craven Complete services 

Triathlon specific (and related disciplines) Plans and programmes

 *Bespokely prepared for you no what your start point is and where you want to go

 *A tailored journey to suit your life style

 *Craven complete means complete planning of all aspects

 *Honest and realistic advice that won’t break your bank account

Skill Academy  

 *Novice friendly sessions to build your skills and improve your race experience

 *Completely covering all areas; no matter how big or small.

 *Small groups for a personalised approach

 *Advice and guidance on where to go next

Training camps

 *Skill based camps to improve efficiency with novice friendly provider

 *Warm weather And UK based locations

 *Small groups with high coach to athlete  ratios

 *Family friendly camps – why not make it a holiday

Personal Training

 *Personal plans to suit your individual goals

 *Training that suits you no matter what your start point

 *Specialists in post-injury rehabilitation

 *We fit the training into you lifestyle

Our Community

A community of like-minded people all of who want to challenge themselves but be part of a social group to share the experience.

The community is a place to speak to, or even meet and work with, others who share your passion and goal so making the hard work a little easier. You will also have priority and discounted access to the above, forums and much more more.

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