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Craven Complete are a team of qualified and experienced therapists using their skills to improve your life. We are proud to be able to support people so that they can achieve their best.

Barry Craven

Senior Physiotherapist | Lead Coach

Professional Background

Barry began his clinical journey by joining the Royal Army Medical Corps at the age of 16, in which he served for 8 years. 

Training as a Combat Medical Technician (comparable to ambulance paramedic work), he first served in West Germany (Osnabruik) in a Military Hospital in Berlin and was posted back to the UK just before The Wall came down in 1989. 


On returning to UK Barry completed tours of Northern Ireland and the Gulf during the first Gulf War.  He was based in Bahrain and Forward Field Hospital treating mainly Iraqi casualties.  He left to pursue a career in Physiotherapy.

To gain entry into university to study physiotherapy, a combination of formal study and work was required. 

Along with standard academic study, functional courses included a Diploma in Sports Therapy in which distinctions in all areas were achieved.  Part time work as a lifeguard, swimming teacher and fitness instructor supported this and included experiential acknowledgement and subsequent ability to deliver first aid at work courses for St Johns and components on a massage course. 

A brief period as manager of the health and beauty spa at Bodysgallen Hall, Llandudno; overseeing its the completion, staffing and subsequent opening.  It did not take Barry long to appreciate this his heart was in a more ‘hands-on’ and practical role, re-address his drive to become a physiotherapist and from which gain acceptance into the University Hospital of Wales College of Medicine (Cardiff) in 1998.

 The three years of study, as a mature student saw him graduate in June of 2001 with a BSc Degree in Physiotherapy.  As well as the usual mix of core placements (outpatients, respiratory, neurology and orthopaedics), he was also lucky enough to experience a placement in amputee rehab, community care and care of the elderly.

Starting work in a rotational position at Warwick Hospital, Barry gained experience in all core areas including intensive care, cardiac rehab, back pain management teams and neurological rehabilitation.  He was lucky enough to also be offered time at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham (amputee rehab) as well as direct teaching time with specialists and consultants (including joint sessions with medical students).

A Move to more a senior position in Coventry, saw specialisation in an orthopaedic and outpatient direction.  Roles included specialist triage clinics (with the ability for direct MRI and full orthopaedic referral), back pain management services and GP practice sessions.  These required direct work with senior consultants and specialists for teaching. 

In both Warwick and Coventry, Barry’s clinical leadership and teaching skills were developed where he was an integral part of each team and had an active role as clinical educator for physiotherapy students from Coventry University.

Leaving the NHS, Barry spent a short period of time with Connect Health (occupational health within KP and Jacobs factories) supplemented by private practice and locum (NHS cover) work.  Spells within military physiotherapy and the Warwickshire Falls Service preceded an invitation to join the Oxford House Clinic, Llandudno which saw him return home to North wales.

Becoming well known back in the Llandudno and Conwy area, Barry gained valuable experience with a mix of both Medical, Legal/Insurance and private clients.  He continued his role with Student clinical education by offering this service to Keele University and becoming one of the first private clinics to accept and work with students.

Meeting and going on to marry Lyndsay not only enhanced his private life, but also his career.  She became involved with the rehabilitation work from which development required an onward move to Wells Fitness and his current position.

Sports & Coaching Background

Starting as a swimmer Barry was competing at school-level by 11 years of age, then county level by 13.  Later gaining Welsh trials he added a mutli-disciplinary aspect with lifesaving competitions winning medals at club, regional and Welsh levels.

Barry gained Royal Army Medical Corps apprentice college colours for swimming during basic training period whilst also trying out tug-of-war.  In his early years, he continued to represent his units  but adding water-polo, ‘March and Shoot’ and rugby to his repertoire whilst also trying boxing, squash and orienteering.

A recreational interest in cycling became more competitive when he added this to swimming and whilst in Berlin, competed in his first triathlon.  Encouraged by an former professional cyclist, he finished in the top 10 out of field of over 140, also demonstrating an aptitude for running!  A respectable 2 hours 59 minutes and 52 seconds in his first marathon further proved this.  He also led the competition home in an American / British challenge ‘March and Shoot’ competition which his unit won.

Completing his first Ironman distance Triathlon on returning to the UK, he was recruited into his new units swimming, athletics and-cross country teams.  His running ability appeared to extend over a range of distances from 1,500 metres (4 mins 27seconds), 5km (16 mins 31 seconds), 10km (35 minutes 32 seconds) and half marathon (1 hour 21 minutes).  Gaining a Diploma in Health and Fitness as well as a swimming teaching qualification, the former allowing him to assist the Army PT’s by leading sports specific instruction whilst in the Gulf.  Whilst in Bahrain, he also ran the anchor leg in a 10-person in a international 20km run (relay) where they finished fifth.

On leaving the army, Barry pursued his passion for triathlon (Welsh Grand Prix Series and a further ironman distance event [11 hours 31 minutes]) and its individual components (cycling time trials and run events).  Complimented by fitness, coaching and swimming teaching qualifications, he also became lead coach (voluntary) in Carneddau Triathlon Club.

Whilst at University between 1998 and 2001, Triathlon was accompanied by  Rugby and Rowing (4’s and an 8’s crew).  On the indoor-rowing scene he recorded times of 16 minutes 35 seconds for 2k on a concept-2 rower but was unable to compete in championships due to being hospitalised with pneumonia.

Following graduation, Barry’s time was split between participation in and coaching of Triathlon.  Training and competing (including sustaining a broken arm in the infamous Etape’de tour) was supported by coaching and guiding a visually impaired athlete (Maggie) and lead to organising training camps for other athletes with disabilities and recognition by British Triathlon with a small role in para-development. 

As well as national events, Maggie represented team GB.  She wore team colours at the British championships and then the World Championships (be it with restrictions) in Vancouver where they were sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland.  This was a very special time in his life.

Coming back home and with some hard training, Barry started participating in triathlons again whilst also joining GOG Triathlon (Landudno’s Great Orme Goats) with whom he also coached.  Teaching Lyndsay to swim, ride and run from scratch (no mean feat at the age of 35 years) he nurtured her interest and passion for sport. 

Still having aspirations of a long-course event with more racing, Barry’s dream is now split with his love of coaching.  Qualifying as a British Triathlon High Performing (Level 3) Coach  as well as gaining a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification enables him coach to the most complete degree, and to both groups and individuals.  Agility and co-ordination can also assist with ballroom / Latin dancing.

The combination of all these factors means that together with Lyndsay, they can now incorporate coaching into the business so they can deliver training camps, course, workshops and individual sessions, taking their story to the next level.

Lyndsay Craven

Lead Therapist | Lead Coach

Professional Background

Lyndsay’s caring side was apparent from a young age with her acquiring clerical, reception and administrative work in a variety of roles in the NHS.  Whilst this started close to home in the Devon and Cornwall area, it was continued following a move to North Wales.

A stint in Medical records at Glan Clwyd Hospital saw her return to clerical and reception work so she could have more direct contact with people.

After meeting Barry, she was introduced to the world of Physiotherapy. 

Seeing the benefits therapy can provide clients, along with the satisfaction of being part of this, joining the business was an obvious step. 

An initial role as a Nutritional Counsellor allowed access to the small but significant coaching business that was developing.  A later personal training course allowed further access as an exercise therapist (Physio-assistant) through which community rehabilitation could be provided.  Experiential learning with support from Barry, rather like an apprenticeship, guides her progression through which she has moved and progressed to become a highly accomplished and respected therapist.

In addition to Lyndsay’s clinical development, working with (as well as teaching) to students from Keele University; a sensible step was clearly to attend a Practice Educator’s course to allow active involvement in their education.

This clinical, experiential and educational development has seen Lyndsay’s skill and confidence improve no end.  This is made even more impressive given her diagnosis of Dyslexia.  Lyndsay is now both an integral part of the team and the lead practitioner in the Community and Rehabilitation wing of the business.

Sports & Coaching Background

Lyndsay has been involved in Motorsport and Off-Road competition all her life but her passion for physical sport did not begin until later in life.

At 35, she was unable to swim, ride a bike, or run, yet set herself the challenge of doing a triathlon.  This also after a knee injury that had required surgery.

Barry not only helped with the rehab process, but also taught her to swim, ride and run.  Coping strategies to cope with the dyslexia as well as dyspraxia and asthma saw steady but definite progression.  Believing anything is possible helps the ethos that everyone can achieve in life and that it is just the appropriate method and pathway that needs to be identified for this to happen.

Gaining considerable experience since her first triathlon in 2016, Lyndsay has now become involved in coaching.

Qualifying as a Personal Trainer and completing Level 1 British Triathlon Coaching as well as swimming teacher’s courses have allowed a clear love for working with people to help them achieve their goals and targets.

As confidence builds and knowledge develops, she is not only a part of the team, but is more an individual with responsibility and a leader’s role.  Courses, training camps and workshops all benefit from Lyndsay’s input.